Further commitment shown to Africa by multi-award winning, Asian research and recruitment company.

GRM opens Johannesburg office.

GRM are displaying a further commitment to Sub-Saharan Africa by opening their second office in South Africa, this time in Johannesburg. With a head office in Hong Kong and offices already in Cape Town, and London, GRM’s recruitment and research divisions cover half the globe and with a big part of the business strategy being to have more of a presence in Africa, the Johannesburg office will be a launching pad to further growth across SA and into the wider African continent.

Darius Zeederberg, head of legal recruitment and head of the new Johannesburg office, said: “Since moving from being an attorney to GRM I have been delighted with my personal professional growth and the service we provide our clients. As market leaders in legal recruitment and research, it’s important to our clients that we continue to grow in order to service their needs, I am delighted to be moving home to head up our new office and be closer to some of the key clientele.”

Rob Green, CEO stated: “We have two very important columns to our business strategy, one is Africa, and one is the development of our people. Through the use of disruptive legal tech and solid, proven training programmes we constantly improve our people, therefore we keep growing, therefore we are able to offer more employment opportunities to South Africans. The Johannesburg office is another major foundation of our growth, that will ultimately benefit our clients and our GRM’ers”.

Green went on to add: “This year is our fifth year of being in business in South Africa, and to expand into another city has been thought out carefully. Our move into Johannesburg is of major strategic importance.”

GRM’s new office will be based in Sandton.

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