Future Proof

Over two-thirds of businesses create plans to tackle future pandemics.

Global expenses app, ExpenseOnDemand, has published new data highlighting how businesses are planning office returns in the ‘new normal’ and also implementing strategic plans to minimise impact on future pandemics. Over two-thirds (68 per cent) of businesses surveyed stated that they are already putting processes in place to allow them to quickly adapt to future epidemics that have a similar effect as COVID-19 has had. Many of these global businesses are looking to automate more systems to ensure a seamless transition between remote and office-based working and removing as many paper-based processes as possible.

The survey also asked how firms were responding to the vaccine rollout and if they were asking staff to receive the vaccination before returning to the office environment. All business surveyed said it would not stipulate that their staff had to have the vaccine especially as this was unfair on younger members of staff who wouldn’t be offered a shot for a number of months. Over half of businesses (57 per cent) said they are encouraging employees to meet in smaller groups to help address certain mental health issues that can be caused by working from home, such as loneliness.

Since the start of the pandemic the global expenses app has been updated to make it easier for the new working normal as offices stay closed, employees work from home and businesses are turning to technology for simpler and automated solutions. ExpenseOnDemand integrates and transfers data between Xero/Sage and QuickBooks and ensures the app remains a market leading solution for businesses globally and that it continues to work seamlessly with remote working employees in multiple locations.

The leading expenses app is also offering UK charities 12 months free access to their market leading online solution for managing employee expenses and helping organisations automate their expenses process. The expenses app is offering the service to help charities reduce costs and time, as many charities have struggled through the pandemic with so many traditional fundraising events cancelled or delayed.

Sunil Nigam, f ounder at ExpenseOnDemand, commented, “The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact that no one could have predicted but as we have learnt to adapt it is encouraging to see many businesses planning to ensure they can minimise impact on any future global epidemics similar to COVID-19. The demanded for more automated processes reflects the increased demand for our services in the last year.

The pandemic has been particularly tough for many charities in the UK as firms have cut back on charitable donations and activities and key fundraising events have had to be cancelled. The team at ExpenseOnDemand wanted to be able to offer some support to charities across the UK by giving them completely free access to our systems.”

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