Future thinking from Robert Walters Group in Singapore.

Changing Recruitment.

Faye Walshe, head of innovation of Robert Walters Group, gave an insight into how recruitment is evolving in this digital era at an Innovation in Recruitment breakfast event organised by Robert Walters Singapore.

Speaking to over 60 participants from 45 companies, Faye covered the major recruitment trends in the past two decades, the challenges HR and recruitment is facing in this digital era, and the latest innovations in recruitment and HR solutions.

Faye also revealed some observations from the Robert Walters Group Innovation Team’s own trials and tests, giving participants valuable insight into some of the emerging HR and recruitment tools without having to carry out their own research.

“At Robert Walters, our clear innovation strategy is to test and trial emerging new technologies and harness their potential to increase our productivity,” said Faye. “At the same time, we also want to share what we learn with our clients, allowing them to leverage our efforts to lead the way in recruitment today and for the future.”

“The emergence of these new tools and technologies is incredibly exciting for us,” said Rob Bryson, managing director of Robert Walters Singapore. “We have been incorporating them into our everyday work and they have empowered us to become more effective and efficient as recruiters. This enables us to really focus on what we do best – making human connections and finding the right match between our clients and candidates.”

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