GA Global Rebrands

Auricoe launching October

GA Global Consulting will relaunch as Auricoe this October, announcing a brand new approach – values-led recruitment. Their platform enables candidates to select their core values, from a carefully curated list. The vision? For people to make the right career choice, every time. Values-led recruitment fosters a more targeted and engaged search. People discover companies that fit their mould.

When individual and company values align, work feels less like work, and people gain purpose. Shared goals, increased engagement and maximum productivity are the result. AI and data analytics supply extensive insight into human action scrutinising prior behaviours – the stories of our past. Auricoe’s focus is to identify the values that shape our future. The world’s fastest-growing companies lead the way when it comes to corporate culture, and Auricoe’s directors, Gerry Ashison and Matt Goodman know that this isn’t a coincidence.

“Personality grabs the lion’s share of the limelight during non-technical evaluation. Employers garner insight into a candidate’s working style and patterns of thinking. But this is only a small part of their story. Values govern what we believe to be right. They affect all our critical decisions, how we set goals, prioritise our time, and manage our emotions. When company values are lived and breathed, they become the heartbeat that drives business” says Matt.

Gerry continues “We specialise in audit, risk, compliance & ethics. Internal auditors, in particular, are often viewed as outsiders – there to unturn stones and weed out deficiencies. Our initial goal was to hunt for a solution to this problem. How can we increase the chances of candidate-fit and employee retention? The result has surpassed our expectations, giving birth to an exciting new approach. Auricoe are uniquely placed to understand both individual and company values, igniting the conversation. Individuals and organisations will win as a result”.

Shareholders are no longer the life and soul of the party. Employees are the new kids on the block, and board members are taking notice. There is a seismic shift underway, and Auricoe are placing themselves at the forefront.

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