Glassdoor announces raft of new features.

Seeing more.

Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, is introducing a number of new improvements to help companies attract and recruit the best quality talent at scale.

Nested and Affiliated profiles on Glassdoor help demonstrate in more detail and provide more context on companies that are part of a large and often complex organisation. Affiliated Profiles allow companies to group existing profiles of affiliated companies under its parent profile on Glassdoor. This allows job seekers to better understand how all of a company’s different affiliated companies are related and makes it easier for them to discover opportunities across the entire corporate family.  Nested Profiles segment reviews, jobs, and branded content from a company’s Glassdoor profile by job function or division.

Candidate Messaging enables employers to leverage Glassdoor’s applicant management system to communicate easily and directly with job seekers that have applied to their roles. 

The revamped Employer Centre serves as a central hub for all employer Glassdoor needs, it also makes it easier for recruiters to navigate between posting jobs, responding to reviews, tracking brand reputation and more.

In addition, Glassdoor has introduced two new tools within its desktop site and mobile app to help job seekers manage their entire job search process in one, seamless experience. From today, the majority of job seekers will be able to utilise:

– Company Compare provides job seekers with an easier, faster way to compare any two potential employers and how they stack up across a range of important workplace attributes; this includes employee-based ratings for overall company satisfaction, career opportunities, compensation & benefits, work-life balance, senior management, culture and values, and whether employees approve of the way their CEO is leading the company. Additionally, people will also be able to compare open jobs, salaries, “pros” and “cons”, and featured reviews for companies side by side. 

– Collections is a one-stop solution enabling job seekers to be better organised and focused throughout their job search process on mobile. Collections by Glassdoor allows people to explore job listings, company reviews and other content relevant to their job search that they can organise and save for revisiting later. Job seekers can also add and save notes for jobs, reviews and other content in their personalised collections, organising the entire experience within the Glassdoor Jobs Mobile App. In addition, Collections provides personalised recommendations for jobs, salaries, interview questions and reviews, with the goal of proactively helping job seekers to land a job they love.

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