Global Recruiter UK Summit

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The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit is less than a month away and its time for recruiters who are serious about tech to register to attend. The Summit is happening at etc.venues, 8 Fenchurch Place, London EC3M 4PB on September 30th.

Under the title of Recruitment 4.0+ the Summit is focussed on technology for recruiters, covering both the cutting edge of technology in today’s sector and how the pandemic has pressed fast-forward on many aspects of technology use. Throughout the day attendees will have the chance to discover and debate with leading thinkers, practitioners and suppliers what the next best opportunities are for gaining competitive advantage through tech.

The Summit will be addressed by David Savage, technology podcast host extraordinaire and Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group. In his presentation “Everything Changes But You” he will be drawing on contributions from his podcast to illustrate examples where technology is being used to its fullest extent as well as questioning why some practices aren’t being used more widely.

Lauren B. Jones is Founder of Leap Consulting and will be giving her view from America across what the recruitment sector should be looking out for given the wider context of technology development.

UK Recruiter’s Louise Triance will host two interactive panel sessions featuring leading industry suppliers and high-profile recruitment agency leaders respectively. In each case these sessions will be a chance to question and share experience around technology use at the frontline of the recruitment process.

Taken in total The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit is an unmissable event for recruitment leaders and consultants alike as it brings together the best of current thinking and enables all attendees to access ideas, debate best practice and make decisions which will power recruitment forward into a successful future.

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