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NEWS unveils Europe’s first ChatGPT-integrated staffing platform feature

  • Founded in 2017 with AI at its core, the AI-powered platform saves staffing agencies time and resources while boosting candidate engagement
  • has also been recognised in Staffing Industry Analysts’ ‘Staffing Platforms as a Service Global Landscape 2023’ report

Staffing AI company today announced the launch of its ChatGPT-powered staffing feature. The latest addition to its AI-first offerings, the platform is built to streamline the recruitment process for both talent and recruiters. This includes automatically generating compelling campaigns and suggesting the best timing for campaign launch, ensuring they reach candidates at the most opportune moment.

With’s ChatGPT functionality, recruiters can create campaigns that are tailored to each individual role, including location and qualifications. This saves recruiters valuable time, which can be spent identifying opportunities and building relationships with clients and talent. Similarly, for candidates, Globus ai’s platform helps to match them with the most suitable job opportunities via the recruitment portal. Candidates can also use this portal to browse job opportunities, increasing engagement with the staffing agency.

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Launched in 2017 with AI at its core, empowers recruiters and talent by streamlining the staffing process and revolutionising how staffing agencies hire candidates with the use of AI. Backed by large Venture Capitalists from Europe and the US,’s existing customers include Dedicare, OnePartnerGroup and Randstad.

Helge Bjorland, CEO & Co-founder at commented: “The mainstream reach of ChatGPT has meant that many companies now identify as AI companies., on the other hand, was created with AI in its DNA, and we have centred our mission on helping recruiters to connect with more candidates in less time and greater accuracy. We’re already finding that recruiters are turning away from agencies if they’re not embracing the capabilities that AI brings, which emphasises the importance of our mission.”

This news comes alongside being recognised in Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) ‘Staffing Platforms as a Service Global Landscape 2023’ report. The company is the only Northern Europe provider to be included in the report, which helps to align company decision makers with the best staffing platforms.

Andreas Nordlund, CTO at OnePartnerGroup, added: “As a CTO, my job is to ensure that our technology aligns with our business goals and supports our teams in delivering innovative solutions to our customers and partners, that’s where Globus adds value. We want to use AI to make our recruitment and staffing processes more efficient and improve the experience for both candidates and clients, while still keeping human competence at the center of everything we do.”

“As a platform for talent engagement, we welcome the SIA’s new ‘Staffing Platforms as a Service category’, and are pleased to be featured in this report. Empowering recruiters and talent is incredibly important, and our bionic company approach helps us to achieve this. We’ve had a fantastic year at, with over 200,000 candidates connected with relevant jobs using AI matching and automation, and we look forward to what the coming year will bring.” Helge concluded.

To learn more about, visit the website here.


About is the co-pilot to the staffing industry. Its AI-powered platform is designed to empower recruiters and candidates by streamlining and automating the staffing process.

The team specialises in engaging, activating, and recommending candidates, collecting job orders and requests, and providing valuable business insights. Launched in 2017, Globus is redefining the staffing industry by giving recruiters a powerful SaaS platform to place more candidates, much faster – even with high-volume job requirements.

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Intelligent automation and AI that thinks and feels like a recruiter. Globus puts human interactions first and allows you to fill shifts faster than humanly possible.

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