Government support package and sectoral updates


In our second episode in the COVID-19 response podcast series, REC’s CEO Neil Carberry and Director of Sales and Marketing Kate Shoesmith look at some of the recent developments in the industry including:

  • Feedback from REC members including most commonly asked questions around COVID-19
  • The recently announced Government package
  • Sectoral differences and what the REC is doing to support members
  • What happens next – support available for members in the coming weeks

“This isn’t like the 2008-9 recession, it’s not a structural economic problem, it’s an economic issue brought on by a social issue, this Coronavirus, and when it passes, the fundamentals of the British economy are still strong.”

Last week was how do you deal with fundamental crisis, whereas this week it moves into how do I restructure and ensure we make the best of the opportunities.

This podcast will tell you about the Government support package announced on 20 March – A must-listen podcast to stay on top of the latest developments.

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