Have you noticed a decline in your organic reach across social media?

How to increase your recruitment firm’s organic reach on social media

BlueSky PR’s Head of Social Media, Dan Stobbs, shares six methods that you can implement to help your recruitment agency overcome the decline in organic reach and improve its performance across its social media channels.

  1. Focus your efforts on the right channels
  2. Understand the algorithms
  3. Create unique content for each platform
  4. Go live
  5. Publish quality content
  6. Use your analytics
  1. Focus your efforts on the right channels

Many recruitment firms assume that they need to at least have a presence on the traditional ‘big four’ social media channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – however, that’s not necessarily the case.

  1. Understand the algorithms

The second thing you should do to help overcome the decline in organic reach is by understanding how the algorithms of each social media platform you’re using work.

At a basic level, social media algorithms use three main principles to deliver the most relevant content to the feeds of its users – Recency – Relevancy – Engagement.

  1. Create unique content for each platform

One of the biggest social media faux pas recruitment marketers commit is reposting the exact same content across all of their firm’s platforms. You should look at who your audience is on each channel and tailor the content appropriately.

  1. Go live

Have you tried using live video on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter?

  1. Publish quality content

This may sound like a no-brainer but it is something that often gets overlooked by recruitment marketers due to their busy workloads. However, instead of simply giving in to consultants’ requests to publish job vacancy after job vacancy you should ensure that your content mix adds value to your audiences.

  1. Use your analytics

Social media platforms all have their own built-in analytics tools available which provide deep insights into how your posts are performing. Make sure it’s a regular part of your routine to use the data available to assess what is and isn’t working for your recruitment firm.


As organic reach continues to decrease, it is vital that you develop a solid understanding of what content resonates with your followers so that you can help counteract this decline and cultivate an engaged and growing audience for your recruitment agency.

Is your recruitment business looking for support with its social media? Get in touch with BlueSky PR today and find out how our team of experts can help you.


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