Home Time

Research finds home workers still feeling lack of time.

The removal of the daily commute during the pandemic may have paved the way for a better work/life balance. However, Data compiled by Cognito Learning has found almost half still lack sufficient time to participate in activities they enjoy. The business’ research found a third of people say that although they haven’t been able to make enough time, with 12 per cent unable to make any time, or very little. Just under 16 per cent of people felt they had lots of time to participate in activities.

The data also shows that whilst people might not be benefitting from having extra time, two thirds feel they are coping well or very well with their new routine and 29 per cent said they are ok and getting there. Less than 5 per cent gave a negative response to home working.

In addition, 47 per cent said they speak regularly and keep in close contact with colleagues, although 22 per cent said that although they talk, they do not do it enough. Just 3 per cent said they have not been able to speak to colleagues and 94 per cent of people said their employer has a support system in place and they know who to contact if they wanted to discuss their wellbeing.

When asked about how they are feeling generally, on a scale of one to five, with one being negative and five being positive, almost 35 per cent of people clicked number four and a third said they feel indifferent. Almost a fifth chose number five, revealing they are positive about the whole experience. Just 14 per cent felt negative about working from home.

Allan Pettman, CEO from Cognito Learning, said: “Over the past 12 months businesses and organisations across all sectors have had to embrace home working and for some it has been a steep learning curve. We’ve helped all types of employers work out how their teams are coping and feeling, in order to gauge where additional help and support is required.

“It’s interesting that people aren’t necessarily taking advantage of the extra time that they previously spent commuting and therefore remote working isn’t necessarily a golden ticket to freedom, that some envisaged, although it’s clear that most people enjoy home working,” he added. “This is good news for businesses, but it could make for a difficult conversation when the time comes to return to the office and employers need to be thinking about how to manage this.”

Cognito Learning is an AI powered digital learning and wellbeing app. Employees using the app spend less than two minutes a day answering questions about training, wellbeing, products, procedures and compliance, to reinforce knowledge retention and give employers a valuable insight into where they need additional support or training. The company’s insights came from analysing the data that thousands of employees working across all industries have provided about working from home.

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