Hong Kong applicant becomes Adecco’s Global CEO for One Month.

Future talent.

Sophia Lim, 24, of Hong Kong has been named the Adecco Group’s 2019 ‘Global CEO for One Month’. The announcement came with the Group’s release of its #CtheFuture research, examining the skills and qualities CEOs and C-Suite leaders of the future will need, and the training and development programs required to enable their success.

Following an eight-month selection process, involving more than 260,000 applicants from 46 countries, Sophia will spend one month serving alongside the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze. Sophia will have the opportunity to contribute to the day-to-day running of the world’s leading HR solutions company and help shape the future world of work.

This year’s CEO for One Month selection process began in February, when 46 talented young leaders of tomorrow were chosen to shadow the Adecco Group’s respective country CEOs. Ten finalists were then chosen to take part in a ‘global bootcamp’, which took place in Dusseldorf this week. The three-day bootcamp took the finalists through a series of assessments and exercises designed to test their abilities and develop their future leadership potential. Following the bootcamp Sophia was selected as the Global CEO for One Month.

“I look forward to working alongside Sophia, helping her develop new skills, and in a form of reverse mentoring, learning from her insights on the future of work and leadership,” said Alain Dehaze. “As the world of work evolves and technology transforms how jobs are performed, leadership skills are shifting. Apprenticeships and experiential learning, combined with a commitment to life-long learning, are key to preparing Gen Z to lead. Sophia will be working alongside me as I meet with customers and clients to help enable their HR success, and ensure the optimal running of our business through our regular operational reviews around the world. Our CEO for One Month program demonstrates the power of on-the-job training that is so critical in developing our future leaders.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the Adecco Group to work alongside Alain Dehaze and help shape my career, and the future of work,” remarked Sophia Lim. “Experiential learning like this is the best way to prepare my generation to lead – and to become future CEOs. This opportunity will give me invaluable real-world experience, within a company that is empowering millions of careers. I can’t wait to get started.”

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