Hong Kong’s banking sector adapts to virtual platforms.

Talent profile changes.

Workforce dynamics are changing within Hong Kong’s virtual banking sector, spurred by new virtual banking licenses introduced in the territory. According to recruitment experts Hays the scenario presents an exciting period for the industry since it should create a huge amount of demand for new people. “Banks are now placing a lot of emphasis on hiring highly capable teams to bring their technology-driven projects to fruition,” commented Riley King, senior manager, digital technology and accounting and finance at Hays.

These are the roles in demand in Hong Kong’s banking sector:

  • Data Scientists
  • UX and UI engineers
  • Full stack developer for mobile and web applications

“In particular, this is an especially exciting time for tech talent, especially those who have had experience in the banking sector. However, as this is a candidate-short market, employers are increasingly receptive of talent who do not necessarily possess industry experience but have the right technical competencies to do the job,” adds King.

The global recruitment firm also notes that candidates must be agile and adaptable in order to thrive in the evolving fintech market.

“Consumer and investment banks are launching a myriad of digital products and applications for both corporate and consumer markets,” King continues. “Already, the Economic Corporate Network (ECN) reports that 48 per cent of organisations view AI as an opportunity for their business. There is a lot of pressure to get things up and running, and candidates must be prepared to work in a fast-paced and highly dynamic work environment.

“Due to the ever-evolving nature of fintech, tech professionals who work in the banking sector are therefore required to be quick on their feet and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to truly add business value to the projects they are working on,” advises Riley.

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