How the world has changed for recruiters in the care industry


The Good Care Group were well placed to switch to digital recruitment after a review of processes in 2018 had already led them to doing more online, including candidate interviews.

Good Recruitment Collective (GRC) signatory and The Good Care Group’s Head of Recruitment Marketing Tine Norling shares her experience of doing more online to help candidates get into work. Some of the key takeaways from Tine’s reflections about the Good Care Group’s approach to recruiting live-in carers are as follows:

  • Think about how your candidate pool has changed and what their needs are
  • Adapt strategies to deal with lack of access to labour from outside the UK if you have relied on that workforce group before
  • Hold candidate events online and invite people in existing placements to the events so potential candidates can get a sense of the work involved from a first-hand account
  • Maintain high standards in your service delivery and safety standards – this is part of your employer brand

Key quotes/takeaways:

Tine Norling: People are so used to interacting online that the transition for recruiters during the pandemic hasn’t been that hard. It is in fact reassuring for candidates to see the recruiter they are working with over a video call.

Neil Carberry: Very few recruiters are going to go back to the way they recruited before March. The digital approach is here to stay.


  • Tine Norling, Head of Recruitment Marketing at The Good Care Group Ltd

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