How to Build a Career You Love

Five ways to build a career you love!

What does a purpose-led career look like for you?

Is it a healthy work/life balance? Working for an organisation with similar values? Or, is it connecting with inspiring people at work?

The purpose is the intention or goal behind an action, which can mean something different for everyone (1). Pursuing a purpose-led career has become more talked about in recent years. And the idea of a fulfilling career linked to your personal values has become more important for employees.

The career landscape is more mobile and flexible than ever, and it’s a great opportunity for people to connect their passions to their careers. In fact, 30% of organisations said that embedding a purpose-led culture was a top priority for 2021 (2). People are looking for more meaningful ways to work and aspiring to create a fulfilling career.

A career doesn’t necessarily need to fuel a deeper meaning; you can often find fulfilment outside of the workplace. Purpose can mean earning enough to support a family or saving to buy a house. Yet, 78% of UK workers report positive quality of life benefits from flexible working, so more and more people are looking to develop their skillset and enhance their job roles (2).

First Steps to Building a Career You Love

If you are hoping to improve your quality of life and enhance your career, look out for companies that hold employee development and career progression as core values. Find out what a typical employee journey looks like so you can check if it’s a place where you can grow and succeed.

Or, ask your current employer what opportunities are available to you. Suggest a department you’d like to experience and see if you can move into a more fulfilling role at your current company.

At Each Person, we pride ourselves in supporting our staff within their careers, no matter what department they start out in. Alex started in Customer Service and has since moved into the Marketing department. She says that “being in such a supportive environment has given me the confidence to pursue a job more suited to my interests and challenge myself in new experiences.” (3)

So, if you are feeling stuck in your current role and know it’s time for a change, here are five ways to build a career you love.

1. Define What ‘Success’ and ‘Purpose’ Means To You.

If you are feeling stuck, the best way to get out of a career rut is to clarify what you want from your next role and how it supports your lifestyle. Define what it means to have fulfilment, purpose and enjoyment within the workplace.

Ask yourself:

• What do I enjoy doing most in my current role?

• What tasks get me into the flow state?

• What do I find least interesting in my current role?

2. Recognise Strengths and Skillset.

Not sure what job role suits you best? Look at your skillset and match this to potential career routes. At Each Person, we supported Bethan’s career development by looking at her strengths and placing her in different areas of the business for her to thrive. Bethan moved from Operations to Partnerships, stating, “my role is something that I could’ve never imagined myself doing. I cannot wait to keep learning and developing my skills and progress further in my newfound field” (4).

3. Establish Clear Goals and Timelines

If you are looking to build a career you love and have decided what role you are looking for, it’s time to set clear goals and timelines. “To advance your career, you need a plan” (5). Create a career roadmap and set yourself smaller steps to work towards your ideal job role.

4. Develop Your Professional Network and Make Connections

Most of the time, the best work opportunities come through a conversation or a connection. Use LinkedIn, networking events and ask for support from people in positions you aspire to be in. The more information you can get, the clearer your action plan becomes (5).

5. Show up – Ask for Opportunities, Get Involved and Use Your Initiative

If you want to build a career you love, you will need to put in the effort and make the change happen. Create opportunities for yourself by using your initiative and showing up as the best person for your dream role. Connect with your goals, your sense of purpose and your next big career move!

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By Ellie Pinder

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