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How To Recruit Gen Z

Throughout the years, every generation has had different standards when looking for work. Each one with access to more advanced technology, new morals and ethics, and an understanding of how a workplace should operate.

Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1960) tend to be productive and loyal (1), likely due to their parents, who could have been involved in the war, bringing them up with strong values and traditions. Many people from the later generations view the majority of Baby Boomers’ values as outdated (2), such as their view on climate change and diversity.

Generation X (born between 1961-1979) learnt from the previous generation and developed more independence and a healthier work/life balance (1). Gen X was the first generation to have both parents working outside the home (3); however, childcare was not fully developed, which could be why they are often more independent. Generation X are also more likely to suppress their mental health problems and believe in a tough outer image (3).

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Millennials (born between 1980-1995) have a similar independent drive to Generation X and developed a strong entrepreneurial spirit, particularly within the rapidly progressing technology industry (1). The new devices such as smartphones inspired and amazed the generation, and, as the technology wasn’t fully developed yet, Millennials could focus more in school to work more towards their goals (4).

What Makes Gen Z Different?

Generation Z (born between 1996-2010) can be more realistic and socially responsible, mainly due to the fact that they grew up in the technological era with advanced software, devices, and constantly growing technology (1).

With Gen Z’s ability to quickly adapt to new technology and situations, they often look for jobs that offer independence and a chance to make a difference (4).

Generation Z has learnt from the successes and pitfalls of the previous generations and, as a result, is more inclusive and accepting of people from all races, religions, sexualities and genders (5). They are more likely to reject some of the older generations’ viewpoints and actively try to change their minds.

Tackling climate change and supporting eco projects is also a priority of Gen Z. The frequent warnings of climate change, natural disasters, fewer diesel and petrol cars, and more companies opting to become net zero or net positive all influence Gen Z’s passion for protecting the planet.

What Can You Do as a Business to Be More Appealing to Gen Z?

Gen Z has been gifted (or cursed, depending on how you view it) with extensive choice. Corporate company or self-employed? Remote, hybrid, or in-office? A large corporation or small startup?

Over the next ten years, the number of Gen Zs in the workplace will triple (1); therefore, it is increasingly important to look at how your business can appeal to Generation Z. Recruiting Gen Z can massively benefit your business in more technological areas where people from previous generations may not be as confident or intuitive. They can also offer more modern views to attract an entirely new market.


Generation Z’s main point of interest when looking for a new job is how diverse the workplace is and whether there is an active attempt to include various cultures. Studies have shown that 83% of Gen Z state that inclusivity and diversity are priorities when applying for jobs (5).

A diverse workplace can increase productivity, decision-making, and a positive environment (5). Gen Z looks for a workplace where they can feel accepted and free to express their individuality, so ensuring you make an effort to incorporate various cultures, beliefs, and attitudes is beneficial in recruiting Gen Z.


Sustainability in the workplace is significant to Gen Z when looking for a job. Over the past decade, there has been a primary focus on what businesses are doing to help protect the environment and tackle climate change. With frequent natural disasters as a direct result of humans’ impact on the planet, Gen Z has taken an active role in reversing the previous mistakes and being more environmentally conscious going forward.

82% of Gen Z individuals expressed concern with the state of the planet, and 72% said they had changed their habits to reduce their environmental impact (6). Aligning your values as a business with sustainability and engaging in eco projects are beneficial ways to appeal to Gen Z workers as well as improve your brand image while helping the planet.


Faced with endless distractions and choices, Gen Z often struggles to narrow down their career focus and, therefore, likes the opportunity to learn within a role (7). They like to know how they can progress in a role, whether to a manager position or another department.

Developing transferable skills in various areas is extremely attractive to Gen Z; therefore, offering training courses, reimbursement, or opportunities to learn from experienced staff members is a great way to attract and retain Gen Z employees.


When choosing where to work, Gen Z often consider how their wellbeing would be supported. All elements of wellbeing, such as physical, mental, and financial, should be supported by an employer, and not just during work hours. Offering support that extends past the workplace shows that you care about your employees and can help improve morale and motivation, and build a positive environment.

There are various ways to support employee wellbeing, for example, flexible working (hybrid, flexible hours), a Save from Salary scheme, or an Employee Assistance Programme. These options can support everyone in a way that suits them, catering to the individuality of Generation Z.

Considering these elements when looking to recruit Gen Z will give you the one up on others who stick with the values they created when recruiting Gen X. Growing and developing to appeal to Gen Z can improve the mentalities of other employees as they can engage with people they might not usually meet and discuss new viewpoints.

At Each Person, we offer various methods of appealing to various people and generations. From financial help in the cost of living crisis with the Diesel Card to mental health support with the Employee Assistance Programme, Each Person has every base covered when it comes to your employees’ wellbeing and recognition. Get in touch with us at to learn more about how we can help.


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Written by Alex Crump

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