IR35 Showdown

At the Commons on Tuesday MPs seek to delay Off-Payroll legislation until 2023

An amendment to the Off-Payroll tax has been tabled for next week’s Finance Bill on May 19th with a number of backbench MPs seeking a delay until 2023

Commenting on the move, Dave Chaplin, Director of The Stop The Off-Payroll Tax Campaign said: “This is great news for our campaign and for the thousands of contractors who will be affected by the roll out of the legislation.  The Stop The Off-Payroll Tax Campaign has been working hard over the last year to rally some 3000 supporters to meet their MPs and spell out the damage the tax will impose on their livelihoods and the UK economy overall.  I am delighted that MPs have listened to us and to the Lords’ damning report and are pushing for a further delay until 2023.  There will no doubt be a showdown in Parliament next Tuesday when this amendment is debated and voted on but a delay will allow more people to voice their concerns, lobby their MPs and work with policymakers to come up with a way to properly recognise contracting and freelancing in the tax system.”

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