Job Posts Surge

CV-Library records high levels of activity in mid-April.

Job market data from CV-Library has shown the number of job postings during w/c 12th April is the highest level since January 2020. The number of job postings during this period increased by an impressive +18.2 per cent compared to the previous week and was +21 per cent higher than the weekly average. The data also revealed the regions which witnessed highest volume of vacancies, during w/c 12th April:

  1. South East (9,608 jobs)
  2. London (7,564 jobs)
  3. East Anglia (5,555 jobs)
  4. West Midlands (5,280 jobs)
  5. North West (5,271 jobs)
  6. South West (4,682 jobs)
  7. East Midlands (4,608 jobs)
  8. North East (4,065 jobs)
  9. Scotland (1,791 jobs)
  10. Wales (1,378 jobs)

“The UK job market is resilient and the latest data certainly backs this up,” said Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library. “These results show that, within a week of restrictions being eased, employers are investing in their staff and feel confident that the UK economy will continue to bounce back throughout 2021.

“However, it’s not all good news as southern regions continue to outperform the North,” adds Biggins. “There’s no doubt that there are talented candidates across the UK but businesses run the risk of missing out on top talent by ignoring regions outside the South East and London.

What’s more, with the widespread adoption of flexible and remote working thanks to COVID-19, there’s no reason why businesses can’t invest in long-distance staff moving forward.”

The leisure and tourism, catering, hospitality and retail sectors all enjoyed an increase in job postings, with the volume of adverts increasing by +102 per cent, +99.7 per cent, +45.9 per cent, +35.6 per cent above the weekly average, respectively. However, despite the UK now being less reliant on online shopping, the distribution sector saw a significant increase of +70.2 per cent in the volume of job adverts, when compared to the weekly average. Once again demonstrating that the industry is integral to the UK economy and job market.

Biggins concludes: “This is a great result for job seekers as there are plenty of new opportunities on the market and, according to our quarterly job market data, the competition for these roles is lessening. That said, it’s vital that candidates continue to perfect their CVs and cover letters, ensuring that each document is tailored for the role they’re applying for. While there may be less competition, it always pays to be thorough!”

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