Leonid CEO James Mitchell set to speak at IOT Solutions World Congress on why Barcelona is good for start-ups.

Business in Barcelona.

Founder and CEO James Mitchell of Global Recruiter award winning recruitment company Leonid Group is set to speak at IOT Solutions World Congress on why he decided to headquarter his business in Barcelona. Mitchell will join Nexiona CEO Jaume Rey on the panel “Doing Business in Catalonia” on 29th October to debate why Barcelona is the perfect environment to build and develop innovative global start-ups.

According to Mitchell, Leonid Group was founded with an ambition to reinvent recruitment. Leonid Group supports and encourages innovation across the UK and Europe through the placement of market-leading talent within the world’s most forward-thinking sectors.

“Leonid was founded in 2018 in the midst of Brexit,” says Mitchell. “I was concerned that a “messy” Brexit would result in a wariness for EU companies to work with UK only companies. For this reason, I decided to supplement our UK operations and looked for a European country to headquarter the business.”

“Competitive operational costs coupled with access to high calibre international talent makes Barcelona the perfect location to headquarter a global business,” he says. “The quality of life is far superior here than in the UK which makes for a happy and motivated workforce.”

Leonid now has five full time members of staff in Barcelona, and attributes its success largely to a new productised solution and way of working. Leonid’s innovative business model enables the company to firstly attract market leading talent from competitors and secondly guarantee that Leonid team members are doubling the revenue they achieved in previous firms.

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