Managing mental health during COVID-19


Theme: Managing mental health during COVID-19

In this week’s episode, Neil Carberry is joined by accredited performance coach and Transformation Director of ebenable Rhonda D’Ambrosio to discuss the importance of managing mental health during COVID-19.

Rhonda will be sharing some best practice guidance on reacting, adapting and choosing your responses for the new norm, and dives into the importance of social wellbeing across the remote business model.

You will also hear some real-life examples of what recruitment business owners are doing to look after themselves and their employees, and guidance on getting your people focused for long-term sustainable high performance.

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Audio track:

Quotes/key takeaways:
Think about when you travel by air and get taken through the cabin safety instructions, we’re all told to put our own oxygen masks on before we help children or anyone around us. Looking after your wellbeing and mental health right now is kind of like that. Helping yourself first will enable you to help others, whether it’s people or business.

“The issue that we face now when we’re working remotely is, we don’t have those visible signals”

“How do I notice if somebody who is working for me is feeling the pressure of this and stress and anxiety?”

Some takeaways:
Setting clear expectations, communicating with employees, including them in some of the decisions, giving them tools, giving them support of various places of information.

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