Managing the recovery: impact and trends on recruitment markets worldwide


Join REC CEO Neil Carberry in discussion with Charles Cameron Chief Executive of RCSA Australia and New Zealand, and fellow Board Member at the World Employment Confederation. Their conversation explores the impact of COVID-19 on the UK and Australian labour markets, recovery strategies, and how recruiters can bounce back.

You’ll hear about:

  • The future of the recruitment industry
  • How recruiters need to reform to meet the shifting client needs
  • How the WFH element will change as businesses look to engage more staff
  • Similarities and differences between the government schemes in the UK and Australia

Key quotes/takeaways:

“Making some of the critical decisions early has left them in good state.” Charles

“The big question in the UK is how far do we snap back automatically with the easing of lockdown and how much further do we then have to go once that’s played out?” NC

“I do get the sense there is a lot of our industry waiting for the confidence to return. They’re very quick to respond. The industry is always very positive and always looking for the next opportunity.” Charles

“Getting the humans focused on doing higher value advisory, closer to the client, closer to the people who hold the P&L in the client that seems to be to be a big part of where the industry needs to go in terms of long term sustainability.” NC

“What we might come out of this with is a different staffing sector that is more aligned with the client business than necessarily just working with the talent acquisitions teams.” NC

“We’re seeing client companies bringing people online, that’s going to be transformational in the labour market.” NC

“We’re going to see a huge number of technology solutions grow on the back of this. One of the predicaments we have is to try and understand how we apply the same expectations around ethical and professional conduct in relation to clients and candidates as we expect from our traditional recruitment members.” Charles

“[The crisis] has really accentuated the amount of sharing of information amongst our community of recruiters. This has brought everybody closer together and there’s been a lot of collegiality – another great example of how we will benefit from this significant shock. “Charles

“If we put on our innovation and adaption hats, we can come of this stronger and more relevant than ever.” Charles


  • Charles Cameron, Chief Executive, @RCSA_official

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