Michael Page statistics show good health of office support industry.

Office roles.

Michael Page in Australia has released information relating to the current office support industry across Australia. Clare Johnson, manager of the NSW HR business makes the point that office administrator roles in Australia are widespread, making it a very large occupation as a whole. The company’s own Job Outlook statistics show there were 251,800 general clerks in 2017, that full-time earners in these roles generally earn $1,000 per week and that income increases with experience.

This is also a profession largely dominated by women, with females filling 85.4 per cent of admin support jobs, compared with 46.7 per cent across all jobs. The 2017 Salary & Employment Outlook shows a number of industries are expected to increase headcounts. These include digital, legal, construction, engineering, retail, not-for-profit, and tech, all of which will need administrative assistant professionals to ensure growth runs smoothly. It’s expected entry level positions throughout these industries will increase, which could be good news for those looking to make a start in their careers in this field.

Job Outlook data also predicts that the number of general clerks will grow strongly in the five years to 2022, with as many as 212,000 job openings during that time thanks to new positions becoming available and existing staff leaving their posts.

The Australian Jobs 2018 Report shows general clerks are in high demand across the board in a variety of major industries. More than 1.6 million workers are employed in the clerical and administrative field, with general clerks, receptionists, accounting clerks, office managers, and contract, program and project administrator roles making up the top five positions.

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