Nailing the New Abnormal. Embracing Working from Home When the Office is Not an Option

With at least one, if not two weeks under our belts of working from home, even those new to the game have got the hang of remote working. It’s unlikely therefore that you need another “How to Guide”.

Instead, as we all need to keep our spirits lifted, here’s our light-hearted look at the new abnormal and embracing working from home when the office is not an option. Reasons to be thankful:

1. Your daily commute is likely to be minutes, maybe seconds, but definitely not hours

2. There is always a mug available in the kitchen

3. You can forget playing car park jenga for a while

4. The coffee machine at home (kettle) always works

5. You can type as loudly as you like and you are only going to annoy yourself

6. Those with children get to see their gorgeous little faces every day

7. Your pet can be famous – video conferencing was never so much fun

8. Virtual team drinks are a thing and you can drop out when you like (blame the WiFi)

9. Nobody’s stealing your pen

10. You can start all emails with “I hope this finds you inside”

On a serious note, we are saving the lives of others. Stay safe and follow the guidelines.

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