New technology brings candidate attraction tool to all mobile devices.

Candidate app.

idibu has released its the new idibu mobile app. The app is available on both iOS and Android and delivers fast candidate management the user’s phone. It is 100 per cent compatible with all major recruitment CRMs. 

Developed in-house, the app has been designed to give recruiters the power to work through all new applications via one easy-to-use list. Data presented includes full candidate profiles, key info, plus custom fields, links to social media, contact details. Plus, with one click the original CV can be viewed. 

The classic traffic lights lets new applications be processed quickly. In addition, the app works with any candidate autoresponders – so with one tap from a mobile device, the candidate is in the loop. 

“We are really excited to release what I believe to be the first mobile app for candidate attraction,” said idibu managing director, Martin Bramall. “Using your phone you can now engage with candidates before your competitors do, make better use of travel time, and have your shortlist ready inside your recruitment CRM when you arrive at the office.” 

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