Edge partnership with DHR Health

Partnership showcases how skills crisis in healthcare sector can be solved through global hiring

DHR Health, a leading healthcare system in south US, has reported significant gains in productivity and staff retention as a result of a partnership with global hiring platform, Edge.

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Change and Challenge

In a year that will see a General Election dominate much of the political environment, employment law regulations remaining a hot topic. The UK’s legislative landscape is yet to fully adapt to best accommodate and support the flexible, global labour market and while progress is being made, there’s still more that should be done.

Beating the Blues

No mater how much you love your job, leaving the lights, music, presents and parties of December can be a rather bleak prospect as January sets in, and we push through the ‘Christmas Comedown’. With the January blues kicking in, the ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality starts to dwindle. Like many businesses, Cindy and her HR team focus on keeping employees…

AI in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept, but its role in recruitment is becoming more predominant. The sophistication of the tools being utilised is both impressive and daunting at the same time. But we simply can’t ignore the fact that the recruitment profession is behind the curve when it comes to AI adoption.

Security alert: Candidate screening trends in 2024

As budgets tighten further, competition for talent intensifies and the cost-of-living crisis rolls on, 2024 looks like creating a perfect storm when it comes to optimising recruitment security. Ensuring job candidates are who they say they are and pose no risk to staff and the organisations they work for will become even more complex.

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Honest in Dubai

Honest International, the leading provider of payroll and accountancy services for contractors in the energy sector, proudly announces the opening of its first overseas office in Dubai. This bold move marks a significant milestone for the company as it expands its operations beyond its UK base.

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