Optimizing Talent Sourcing

Employers need to become more creative

When talent sourcing, many factors come into play, and with low job rates in the U.S. and various other countries, finding talent is becoming more and more difficult. This means employers must find more creative ways of finding and hiring talent.

So this begs the question: in what ways can you source talent for your company? Employees are the backbone of any company, the ants in the anthill, so locating the proper ones for you and your company can become a hassle.
You must also keep in mind that even while interviewing for diversity, you must still look for the best candidates. There is this notion that in order to increase diversity at the workplace one surely lowers their standard, but that is clearly based on false pretences. You can have your cake and eat it too.
Hire based on the value of someone’s work and life experience and how well they’ll match your workplace culture.

Tech Automation and AI
The reason this method is extremely efficient and preferred by many companies is due to its automated nature. It automatically screens candidates and analyses the given data, as well as enables virtual chat. Using technology also allows for video interviews and so on, casting a broader net into the sea of candidates.
The downsides to this method are that it’s expensive if you want to use efficient and high quality software, and that glitches and bugs could easily occur with it no matter what, especially if the candidate is in an area with unstable bandwidth. Though it also leaves room for preparation, so be sure to prepare with some regular interview questions.
Using the same questions for every candidate allows for a homogenous screening of each individual so that the key points can always be hit in each interview.

Social Networks
Social networks work in a way where hiring managers use social media platforms to research and hire candidates. This method also is a great way to forge a better relationship with passive candidates, even though all candidates should be treated as passive ones.
The reason behind the latter is that candidates eager to work for your company aren’t necessarily the most skilled ones for the position. In fact, you could say those fit for the candidacy are most likely sought after by other companies and have a high-paying situation already, increasing the competition.

Events and Networking
Make sure to attend meet-ups and conventions related to your industry, since it allows for a casual environment to meet potential candidates you would want to hire. This method also expands that network of people you know and allows for more variation in opportunities.
Events such as these also allow you to cultivate more intel on the ones you are considering hiring since you can ask around casually.

On the topic of asking, as a hiring manager or anything of the sort, it is your duty to avoid crossing any lines with questions that might instigate a certain bias, so stick to the topic of the interview, even if the candidate mentions something private.

Talent Attracts Talent
By leveraging your employees and their values and skills, you are able to create positive exposure for your company and your team through interviews, social media, and other platforms. In other words, your employees turn into ambassadors for the company, which will most likely bring in other candidates of the likes of your employees.

Remote Hiring
When you feel your candidate pool is quite shallow, maybe it is time to span out by expanding your job search area. This allows for you to span out of your competitive job market into talent beyond the horizon. It also allows for talented candidates in less fortunate situations to take advantage of their value and abilities regarding their addition to the workforce.

Every single individual on this planet is different from everyone else in some way, be that through religion, culture, background, tradition, or family. All these factors also affect worldviews, allowing for various additions to a company’s culture.
Inclusivity reinforces diversity, and thanks to technology local diversity takes on a global scale. This allows hiring managers to not only find the most qualified candidate but the best candidate too, since the skills, life lessons, and experiences of candidates all add value to the way they become an addition to your company.



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