Partner boost for Life Sciences Recruiters

Leo Xander and Henry George Associates announce Strategic Partnership for 2023

Leo Xander and Henry George Associates have announced a strategic partnership to provide engineering and life science professionals with the best job opportunities and career advancement in the industry. The partnership brings together Henry George Associates’ deep pool of highly-qualified engineering candidates and Leo Xander’s strong relationships with top engineering companies, as well as access to Leo Xander’s managed payroll services providing industry-leading compliance and customer care.

The partnership benefits each party’s ability to resource for Life Science & Engineering roles, broadening the suitability and options for our clients alongside the opportunities available to our candidates.

“We are excited to partner with Leo Xander to bring our engineering candidates the best opportunities for growth and advancement in their careers,” said Jack Goss, Co-Founder of Henry George Associates. “Their strong relationships with top engineering firms and dedication to compliance align perfectly with our mission to empower engineering professionals to achieve their professional goals. All parties can benefit from this partnership and I’m excited to work together.”

The partnership allows Henry George Associates to connect its engineering candidates with top companies, while Leo Xander can now offer a wider range of high-quality engineering candidates to its clients. This mutually beneficial relationship is expected to have a significant impact on the engineering job market and provide a better experience for both engineering professionals and companies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Henry George Associates to provide our clients with a broader range of high-quality engineering candidates,” said Fran Lilley, Operations Director of Leo Xander. “Their deep pool of highly-qualified engineering candidates aligns perfectly with our high standards and candidate criteria, and we are confident that this partnership will help us better serve our clients and help engineering professionals achieve their career goals.”

The partnership between Henry George Associates and Leo Xander is a game-changer in the engineering recruitment industry, and it is expected to lead to more opportunities and better outcomes for engineering professionals and companies alike.

The overall partnership will enable both companies to streamline their recruitment process and make the process more efficient, which will lead to better results for both clients and candidates alike.

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