Path of the labour market recovery ft Torsten Bell

In our latest episode, Chief Executive of Resolution Foundation Torsten Bell shares some of the key labour market trends they’ve been tracking and predictions for what recovery will look like across sectors and its impact on the population at different life stages. You’ll hear about:

• Big trends on how the jobs market is reacting to the COVID-19 crisis
• What we can expect to see in the next six, nine, twelve months in the labour market
• Sectoral trends we’ll see on our road to normality
• How the COVID-19 crisis has impacted and will impact the unemployed, self-employed and young people entering the jobs market
• How to pace recovery by sectors and find a safe strategy to prevent a deeper recession
• How recovery from the current recession compares with previous recessions

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Key quotes/takeaways:
“It’s a very different recession for different kinds of people, also for different genders. If you look at who is bearing the risk on the health side right now, on the keyworker side, healthcare, hospitality, supermarkets, it’s very heavily female focused.”

“Unemployment tends to go up fast and fall very slowly, that’s what’s happened in every recession, both in the UK and around the world.”

“If you look at who’s losing their jobs in this crisis, the number of young people who’re losing their jobs versus middle-aged people is incredibly high, nearly twice as large, so we’ve got serious issues about which ages are affected and how lasting the effect would be.”

• Torsten Bell @TorstenBell, Chief Executive of @resfoundation

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