Raffingers forecast the key recruitment trends next year.

Recruitment Trends 2019.

Not surprisingly, Brexit is on most people’s lips and the uncertainty that leaving the EU will bring. There is likely to be a skills shortage in certain sectors as a result and there are many challenges that recruiters will face, some of which are as follows:


Candidate Driven Market

It has become more and more difficult to recruit the right people. Previously, the candidate was the salesperson, but roles have reversed, and businesses now need to work harder to sell themselves to the candidate to entice them to take the role on offer. Businesses need to make the right impression to entice candidates who can assist in moving their business forward. Recruitment marketing is the new buzz word, ensure that the businesses you recruit for show the desire and interest in the candidate to make them want to work for them.


Inbound Recruiting

Inbound recruiting is becoming more and more popular. Again, businesses need to be proactive at enticing candidates to work for them, not only with promises of flexible working and benefits, but to compete businesses must demonstrate their culture and values and how they can support candidates in their development. Candidates will be comparing businesses to competitors, making it essential for them to differentiate and stand out.


Employer branding

As above, improving the employer brand and becoming known as THE place to work is key to recruiting the best people. It will take time, effort and investment to improve a business’ brand; however, if this is done successfully, rewards will be reaped long-term.


Candidate Experience

The interview process is scary enough for most candidates; therefore, ensure your clients make the experience they have with candidates memorable (in the right way obviously). Candidates should leave the interview with positive thoughts about both the interviewers and the business. You also need to be able to understand the skills of the candidate – can they do the role? Do they fit in to the business’ culture? You can also guide clients on creating interview processes that are effective at revealing future leaders.


Social Recruiting

Using social media for recruitment is one of the key recruitment trends that will continue to be a growth area. LinkedIn, Facebook etc. are platforms that allow you to converse with potential employees about the business you are recruiting for. Also look at groups formed on LinkedIn that relate to your sector, an easy way to discuss business with like-minded people.


HR Analytics

Companies are beginning to use technology more and more to measure what recruitment practices are successful for them. Can you do this on behalf of your clients? By using software, businesses can build trends over time to see where they should invest resources and identify what areas need to be improved.

There will always be challenges in the recruitment sector and the coming year will bring more than normal. Make sure that your clients’ businesses, as well as your own, are primed for the latest recruitment trends and that when a recruitment need arises, you are the choice that the candidate takes.

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