Reaching New European Talent

JobTeaser acquires Nordic competitor Graduateland

France based career guidance and recruitment company JobTeaser has acquired its Nordic counterpart Gratuateland, allowing the French HR tech scale-up to secure the leading posi-tion in the Nordic countries. The acquisition is part of JobTeaser’s European expansion strategy and its ambition to offer the largest pool of young talent across Europe. This union will also allow the development of new features and services on its platform thanks to Graduateland’s expertise and technology.

Already active in 25 countries, the tech scale-up is consolidating its position as European leader in the guidance and recruitment of young talent through the acquisition of Graduate-land. The Danish start-up is the largest career network in the Nordics, with over one million students across Europe and 50,000 active recruiters. This union allows JobTeaser to es-tablish itself in Northern Europe, a highly strategic market given the reputation of the Nordic universities and the attraction of international companies for their students.

“Our ambition has always been to create a true ecosystem for recruiting young European talent,” says Adrien Ledoux, CEO of JobTeaser. “We have already succeeded in establish-ing ourselves in various markets, including France, Germany, Benelux and Southern Eu-rope. Our collaboration with Graduateland allows us to immediately move up a gear and unite our teams on both an expertise and technical level to continue our joint international expansion.”

The joining of forces of JobTeaser and Graduateland represents a unique opportunity for both companies to continue their expansion, not only in the Nordic countries, but also in other European markets. The ambition is twofold: on the one hand, to offer the largest pool of young talent on a European scale to companies and recruiters, and on the other hand, to open the doors of Europe to students and young graduates through the career services of partner universities.

”The available local talent no longer always meets the expectations of recruiters, who are now looking at the whole of Europe,” adds Ledoux. “This trend has accelerated considera-bly with the democratisation of remote working. For young talent, mobility has also become a highly sought-after criterion, leading them to extend their search beyond national bor-ders.”

Together, JobTeaser and Graduateland will create a pool of 5 million students from over 750 European schools and universities who will have access to job offers from more than 250,000 recruiters across Europe.

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