REC publishes how to report on increasing gender equality.

The Gender Agenda

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has launched a new research report giving recruiter and employers an insight into best practice recruitment for increasing gender equality. The report, Increasing opportunity, supporting growth: the role of good recruitment in gender diversity has been written amid estimates that if the country’s gender gap were to be closed, it could potentially generate an additional £150 billion to the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.

Some of the many practical steps to improve gender diversity included in the report are:

·                     Ensure job adverts are written in neutral language

·                     Use a variety of advertising platforms to reach a diverse pool of talent

·                     Offer flexible working arrangements for all applicants

·                     Clearly define a salary range in job adverts

·                     Use name and context-blind recruitment processes

·                     Call out bad practice and challenge your clients to address unconscious bias

·                     Set equality targets and train staff in equality processes


“This report provides timely analysis of where we are as recruiters when it comes to doing our bit to combat gender inequality. It then looks at what practical steps we can take to make progress,” says REC chief executive Neil Carberry. “We need to use the power we have as an industry to make a difference. This is an opportunity for our sector to make long-lasting change for the UK which will drive growth and see us compete effectively on the global stage.”

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