Recruit takes partnership with Minerva to enhance leadership skills.

Leading education.

Recruit Holdings Co. have created a partnership with Minerva Project designed to offer a new educational system to rising leaders at the company. The initiative for the Japan based company will operate through HITOLAB, an internal division of the business.

Recognising that companies are facing rapid change and increasing complexity, Recruit says it needs its leaders to be adept at multiple competencies, from systems thinking and analytical problem solving to self-awareness and empathic communication. Recruit is intending to leverage the Minerva system and Minerva’s Leadership Accelerator program to advance the career trajectories of internal staff learners with these competencies. Recruit is the first company in Japan to pioneer this approach.

From 2020, the business will start offering this program to external partners, in order to collaboratively spread the innovative education program across Japan.

Minerva will train Recruit program instructors on evidence-based instruction and the use of Forum as a teaching and assessment platform. Pairing this with the Leadership Accelerator curriculum will ensure optimal outcomes for learners.

“While collaborating on a project with student interns from Minerva Schools at KGI, we were extremely impressed with their ability to apply multiple competencies such as critical thinking and communication skills to a wide range of issues,” said Kenichi Imamura, head of laboratory at HITOLAB. “We have come to understand that these competencies were developed through the use of the Minerva approach at Minerva Schools. Minerva’s mission of Nurturing Critical Wisdom for the Sake of the World resonates strongly with Recruit and HITOLAB. Through this partnership, HITOLAB intends for more Japanese to obtain the leadership skills necessary to succeed in a changing and fiercely competitive global environment.”

Kenn Ross, Minerva’s managing director of Strategic Partnerships, adds: “The Minerva system will have transformative impact on corporate learning especially as we partner with high caliber organisations, such as Recruit, that deeply understand the value of investing in effective training programs.”

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