Recruitment 4.0 – unique research offers insight into automation best practice

APSCo presentation seeks your views

APSCo and The Global Recruiter have launched an industry survey into the current and potential use of evolving technologies by recruiters. Recruitment businesses can take part in this swift survey by clicking here:

The results will be presented by Samantha Hurley, Operations Director at APSCo as part of her session at the Summit entitled The Robots Are Coming – but not taking over. For this, Hurley will look at where automation and technology fits into the work of recruitment companies and how recruiters are ensuring – indeed must ensure – the human touch is not lost.

Hurley has responsibility for the development of APSCo’s presence and reputation within the UK and ensures that the organisation innovates, develops and improves services for existing and new member services. She has over 30 years’ experience in the UK recruitment sector, and previously ran APSCo’s legal and public affairs offering. Prior to joining APSCo in May 2013, Sam owned and ran a legal services company and held senior management positions within the recruitment sector.

The ground breaking research being conducted by APSCo and The Global Recruiter for this session will not just show where the industry is currently positioned in relation to technology use, but will highlight and underline best practice to ensure the recruitment industry does not drive out the value it delivers for clients and candidates for the sake of using shiny new technology.

Recruiters can register for the UK Summit for free at:


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