Recruitment company boost profile with students

Employment Ambassadors

Short term recruitment specialists, RedWigWam have launched a Student Ambassador scheme at universities across the North West. The scheme aims to hire brand ambassadors and build a community of students at their campus, to raise awareness of the RedWigwam short term recruitment revolution – the perfect solution for students in need of flexible hours to top up their income. Once recruited, the ambassadors will act as the face of RedWigWam at the heart of their university and build a community of students.

More and more students are beginning to realise that future employers are not only looking for qualifications, but work experience too. “Temporary, part-time and flexible jobs are ideal for students who want to be able to earn some extra money around their studies, but also gain some work experience,” says Lorna Davidson, CEO of RedWigWam. “It gives them a taste of the world of work and allows them to build their confidence and people skills before venturing into the world post-graduation. It also gives them the opportunity to earn money, perhaps to fund overseas travel, their future studies or for general living expenses.”

Lorna added: “At RedWigWam workers can be matched to various roles quickly and efficiently, and, before they know it, they’ll have a host of new skills and experience to add to their CV. What’s more, they may even find an industry they absolutely love.”

Whether it’s a short-term task, part time or ad-hoc work, hirers post a job on the recruitment firm’s online platform and it will be matched to the right people from a pool of pre-vetted and validated workers within a matter of hours.

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