Renewables needs more people argues Samuel Knight International.

Meeting demand.

Samuel Knight International, has warned that there’s simply not enough workers to meet ongoing demand in the renewables sector. The company cite demand for solar plant maintenance being set to double, with renewables firms set to replicate climate change action outcry to get more people into energy. The forecast comes fromWood Mackenzie who believe the annual cost of operating and maintaining solar energy plants is set to double in the next five years.

According to the firm, the gap between supply and demand for solar and other renewable energy experts is increasing at an alarming rate, putting future projects at risk. While a sustainable source of talent needs to be developed for the long term, the energy hiring specialists has called on employers across the specialism to match the global outcry for climate change action to demonstrate to the wider public why energy needs more people.

“There’s a real global shortage of available solar energy experts and we’re noticing a vast increase in the skills gap in the sector,” said Lara Anton, Renewable Energy Consultant at Samuel Knight International. “While we’re working with professionals across the world to attract and entice them into the many exciting opportunities across the States, this alone isn’t sustainable. Just as there are global calls for more renewable energy options for consumers, there should also be worldwide outcry at the lack of people working in solar and other sustainable energy sources.”

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