Research finds HR and recruitment is high on productivity in UK.

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Research from flexible office specialist, Workthere has found that HR and Recruitment is the second most productive UK profession. The analysis also revealed that workers in this sector are most productive between 10am and 11am.

Asking HR and Recruitment office workers about their overall productivity levels, 35 per cent said they feel the same level of productiveness every day. However, when breaking the results down on a day-by-day basis, their top three most productive days, are:

  1. Wednesday (25 per cent)
  2. Monday (15 per cent)
  3. Tuesday (10 per cent)

The research revealed that HR and Recruitment office workers are the second most productive (based on the consistent levels of productivity they feel each day), and the other professions that came out on top, are:

  1. Operations (41 per cent)
  2. HR & Recruitment (35 per cent)
  3. Sales (34 per cent)
  4. Administration (33 per cent)
  5. Finance (31 per cent)

In addition, Workthere delved into HR and Recruitment workers motivations for getting up in the morning and going to work and found that the top three reasons are as followed:

  1. Knowing I’m earning money (63 per cent)
  2. Knowing I have a lot of tasks to get through (40 per cent)
  3. Knowing I’m continuing to pursue my career goals (30 per cent)

“Whilst overall productivity levels for UK office workers will inevitably vary from day to day, it’s interesting to see the average optimum times for productivity, particularly in terms of time, day and profession,” said Cal Lee, global head of Workthere. “It’s important to remember that each person and profession works differently, and while some may prefer to work a 9-5, others like to work around their lives and schedule. One potential benefit of flexible working is the possibility for workers to manage their day around when their productivity levels may be at their highest, therefore helping to manage their time more efficiently. By their nature, flexible and serviced office spaces complement flexible working arrangements perfectly and allow employees to work at a time or location where they’ll be the most productive.”

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