Safer temporary workers

PRS partners with Sirenum

Property & Built Environment recruitment specialist PRS has extended its commitment to worker safety with the launch of a new temporary workforce management platform.

Driven by the rising client demand for contact-free, hands-on temp workforce management, PRS has partnered with Sirenum, the dynamic workforce management platform, to keep workers safe, as well as delivering increased revenue and lowering costs across multiple processes.

Already used by thousands of temp workers daily across Europe and recently adopted by parts of the NHS, Sirenum’s accompanying app allows workers to log availability, accept shifts, record attendance, receive notifications, request holidays and view payment information.

PRS Director Richard Snarey says: “Worker health and safety is more crucial than ever. While there’s been a lot of attention paid to ensuring a COVID-secure workplace, there have been concerns about how to adequately protect temp workers. This is exacerbated by many companies still relying on paper-based processes to manage their temp workforce, which requires unnecessary contact that could put workers at risk.

“Since lockdown, PRS has been working closely with clients to help them deliver a COVID-secure workplace, so we’re thrilled to introduce a platform that protects temporary workers too. With Sirenum, organisations can closely manage and interact with their temp workers with zero in-person contact required.”

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