Sector-specific or multi-sector recruitment agency? Take your recruiting to the next level with Voyager Infinity recruitment software

Sector-specific or multi-sector focused recruitment firms aspiring to provide quality service must take on a more tech-driven approach. Tools like recruitment software hold the key to new opportunities. And here at Voyager Infinity, we are equipped to support the needs of every kind of recruitment agency.

Competition is strife in recruitment. Top talents with the right skills and qualifications as well as cultural fit are highly sought after.

Thus, even the most proactive recruiters realise it’s important to be prepared – in fact, to be one step ahead of the competition. The high-pressure, fast-paced nature of the job demands prompt work and decision-making.

Integrating our Infinity CRM software into the work structure stimulates a more dynamic workflow that benefits all parties involved. We are outfitted to help all recruitment agencies, irrespective of industry focus or the type of recruitment services being offered.

Reinforcement in these challenging times

The right type of recruitment CRM can open new doors to exciting business prospects.

We know that recruiting is a challenging job. And it is far from business as usual in this current climate.

UK’s economy is on the path to recovery and job vacancies are on a record high, crossing one million. Yet, there is an acute labour shortage brought about by Brexit and the global pandemic resulting in a serious hiring crisis. The skills shortage is being felt intensely in the driving recruitment industry. Healthcare, social care, hospitality and retail sectors are also in dire need of staff.

Thus, the need for a robust recruiting tool remains as strong as ever. Partnering with a good software supplier boosts maximum impact through minimal effort.

Voyager Infinity – minimum effort, maximum impact

Voyager Infinity recruitment software is easy to use and compliance-ready. It cuts through the tedious and repetitive admin tasks to automate the recruitment workflows.

From established recruitment firms to smaller agencies and start-ups, Infinity is designed to support all types of recruiting businesses. A cloud-based SaaS CRM, Voyager Infinity is very flexible and facilitates growth opportunities for solopreneurs as well start-ups.

Recruiter efficiency and productivity are underscored with our powerful recruitment software system.

Let Voyager Infinity do the work for you

It introduces improved methods of talent sourcing while helping enrich the candidate experience. As a result, recruiters will find it easier to acquire a higher calibre of candidates, faster placements and happier client companies.

The services we provide easily position us high above the competition. Whether it is AI-enabled software features, the ease-of-use our CRM users experience or our highly felicitated customer support – we pride ourselves in being a key partner in our customer’s journey. We help them become faster and better while sharing our services at an affordable cost.

One platform, many uses for sector-specific or multi-sector recruitment agencies

Regardless of the type of recruitment service you provide – permanent, temp or contract staff placements with specific sector focus or multi-sector practices – Voyager Infinity has the resources to enhance it.

Not only is it easier to locate qualified candidates but it also becomes easier to determine the best-suited one from amongst the group of applicants. We offer free candidate skills testing to Infinity customers. ISV.Online is our skills testing software that makes assessing applicants simple and easy. Utilise the test results to evaluate candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

We also cater to agencies with a multi-industry focus. Our recruitment software is truly built to accommodate the needs of different industries.

Grappling with managing worker availability in the construction sector? Use our Voyager Infinity construction recruitment software to facilitate hiring efficiency.

The sector’s workforce is usually mobile and transient as well as needs to meet various compliancy requirements. Keeping an updated candidate list and using the visual planner helps to manage existing candidates. The ability to search candidates by geographic location reduces the talent sourcing period while also giving them quicker access to the best candidates.

Many education recruiters choose Voyager Infinity as their software of choice as it is easy to navigate and the automation expedites the recruiting process.

It helps to book the right teaching and support staff. Voyager Infinity makes communication extremely convenient. Using the SMS and email templates, message replies or confirmation emails can be sent directly from the CRM. In addition, Voyager Infinity comes with free templates for every education recruiter! Our experienced trainers have put together 12 templates that we include with every installation of Voyager Infinity at no extra cost such as candidate registration form, reference request, candidate application template, and booking confirmation to name just a few to help you get started. This is just one of many examples of our commitment to your success!

At present, UK is experiencing a tremendous need for drivers due to an onslaught of reasons ranging from Brexit and Covid-19 Pandemic to new tax rules. There is a serious skills shortage that has resulted in stock deficiency, delays in online deliveries, etc. With the need for about 100,000 drivers on the road, this critical driver shortage is affecting thousands of businesses across the nation.

Our driver recruitment software could be the differentiating factor when it comes to engaging experienced and compliant drivers faster than the competition.

Voyager Infinity’s real-time compliance checking system is quite comprehensive which is greatly helpful in ensuring that all the legal requirements are met. Not all drivers will have the same type of contract. But recruiters must cross-check and confirm that every driving staff meets the necessary guidelines. Our CRM will make compliance checks easy, send timely reminders, and ensure that all the documents are updated.

Voyager Infinity integrates with ISV.Online, our sister brand offering online skills assessments to help you identify the best candidates faster. The ISV.Online driving assessments cover specific topics relating to driving tasks, terminology, safety and legislation. Each test is presented as a series of multiple-choice questions with scores available immediately upon completion. Assessments for 10 candidates per month are included free of charge for all Voyager Infinity customers.

Make better choices with Infinity

At Voyager, we are 100% committed to introducing recruiters to better, faster and easier ways of recruiting. You save time and effort when you work with us.

Our recruiting platform takes care of the entire recruitment cycle making work simpler and less challenging for all recruiters. Recruitment firms by nature are often ‘niche’, you could say not two agencies are the same. If you believe that your industry specific requirements are not addressed by your current recruitment software provider then get in touch and book a free demo with us. We will happily answer all your questions. Our commitment to your success is included as standard!

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

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