Self employed pay support tabled by government in Covid-19 response.

Freelancer & contractors addressed.

The government has finally suggested an amendment for a bill to support freelancers and contractors impacted by Covid-19:

Commenting on the move, Dave Chaplin, CEO of contracting authority ContractorCalculator said: “Freelancers and contractors have had their lives and livelihoods turned upside down by Covid-19 so the suggested amendment tabled for the bill to provide financial support is a welcome move. The UK economy relies on freelance talent to help businesses to thrive and so it is right and proper that they should be helped not penalised in these unprecedented circumstances.   When the nation gets back on its feet it will be the freelancers and contractors that businesses will be turning to once again, so it is vital they are given a financial lifeline now so that they can get through the turmoil this crisis has inflicted on all our lives.”

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