Social media for recruitment in 2021

Social media trends, algorithms and advice is always changing

Social media trends, algorithms and advice is always changing. Here are some of the latest recruitment social media considerations:

Should your recruitment firm be using TikTok?

TikTok witnessed incredible growth in 2020, as people signed up to the app to join in with challenges, learn dance routines and be entertained in what was a challenging year for us all. So, should your recruitment firm get in on the trend and start using TikTok?

Propelled by the impact of Covid-19 on our working and social lives TikTok has grown to more than 700 million users around the world in 2020.

And according to data from TikTok’s marketing solutions arm, TikTok for Business, the app has 17 million regular users in the UK who spend over an hour per day on the app – with four in 10 between the ages of 18-24. While a younger audience than more established social media platforms this group – which comprises Gen Z and millennials – are likely to be planning their career paths which means that firms focusing on the apprenticeship and graduate markets could tap into a wider pool of candidates.

So, how can we use TikTok for recruitment marketing?

TikTok can be a great way showcase your team, humanise your brand and provide an insight into your company’s culture. Depending on your objectives, you could use the platform to provide valuable candidate information, such as CV advice and interview tips, or use it to enhance your employer brand.

More ideas on how your recruitment firm could potentially use TikTok.

What do recruitment marketers need to know about Instagram Reels?

Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels is an app feature that allows you to create short, engaging videos on the platform. You can record and edit videos with audio, text, stickers, and special effects, then share them to your Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on your profile.

As Instagram Reels is TikTok’s direct competitor, it is worth looking at their similarities and differences.

They are both similar as they provide an outlet for users to produce and share creative short-form videos with another, with them both sharing many of the same editing features.

However, there are also three key differences that set them apart:

  1. Reels is a feature that sits inside the Instagram platform, whereas TikTok is its own platform
  2. A Reels video is between 3-15 seconds long, a TikTok video must be between 1-60 seconds long
  3. TikTok users can ‘duet’ with each other, Reels can’t

Tips on how to use Instagram Reels for recruitment.

How do you run a Facebook competition?

We often receive queries from recruitment businesses asking how to run competitions on Facebook and what the rules are. To ensure your Facebook page is compliant you must adhere to the policies the platform has set out. These include:

  • You must only run contests that are allowed by Facebook
  • Your competition or contest must provide clear and detailed entry conditions
  • You must make it clear that your competition is not linked or associated with Facebook
  • Make sure you collect data in line with GDPR regulations
  • You are not allowed to ask users to use their personal timelines or friend connections to participate

More tips for recruiters planning a Facebook competition.

How can you immediately improve your LinkedIn strategy for 2021?

In his recent masterclass, BlueSky PR’s recruitment social media expert, Dan Stobbs, shared:

  • The latest LinkedIn updates
  • Quick wins for updating your LinkedIn strategy
  • Answers to your LinkedIn questions

Watch on demand now.

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