Start of a new era

JSA rebrand to Workwell™

JSA Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing contractor accountancy and payroll solutions companies in the UK, is rebranding to Workwell™. The new name, which will be adopted from March 9th, reflects the company’s mission – to help more people enjoy flexible working and the freedom this provides and more organisations to tap into the power of flexible talent – compliantly and easily.

JSA was established over 30 years ago and has grown exponentially in recent years. As well as attracting new clients with all-encompassing accountancy and payroll solutions for temporary workers and supply chains in both the UK and overseas, the company has grown through strategic acquisitions. The rebrand from JSA to Workwell™ underpins the company’s market-leading position, now supporting c.30,000 freelance workers and over 1,000 recruitment businesses, as well as large organisations with temporary workforce needs.

Workwell™ exists to make the life of the worker, the recruitment business, and the hirer better, through a wide range of exceptional contingent workforce management solutions, removing risk and complexity at every turn. We do this through our experience, our capability, our customer focus, and our ethos to do always do the right thing.

John Hoskin, CEO, said: ‘With a solid growth strategy ahead of us, global reach, market-leading group capability, confidence in our current and future abilities and a great team of people with a customer-first ethos, now is the time to evolve how we present ourselves to the outside world. Workwell™ is a straight-forward name for a straight-forward company. Though we operate in an increasingly complex marketplace, we seek to simplify and de-risk that for our customers, and Workwell™ describes exactly what we’re here to do – to work well so that our clients can work well.”

The new name is accompanied by a refreshed brand identity featuring an elegant curve, representative of the ebb and flow of the world of flexible working; the need for Workwell™ to be always flexible to meet customer needs; and the drive to ensure Workwell™ is always ahead of the curve in capability, solutions, service, and compliance.

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