Successful Together

Leap29 share their success by issuing £833,000 worth of share payments to 30 employees

Global Recruitment Business, Leap29 shared their success through issuing £833,000 worth of share payments to 30 employees in July 2020.

Back in 2018, Leap29 launched a share scheme for all their employees, as a way to align their business growth plans and create a more inclusive company culture. As a result of their growth over the last 2 years, Leap29 were able to purchase the shares, recognising their team for their hard work and dedication.

“Over the last couple of years at Leap29 we have all worked hard to achieve our success together – so we believe everyone should receive recognition for this.” explained Nathan Ward, Managing Director at Leap29.

He added, “I’m really delighted for all our employee who are benefiting from our share scheme. Everyone works tremendously hard within the business and it’s great that they can personally share in the success in this way.”

Andrea Mason, HR and Talent Acquisition Manager at Leap29 added, “Over the years, we have worked hard to create a supportive company culture and high level of employee engagement. The share scheme has been a great way to unite us all and help us attract and retain top talent within the business.”

She adds “Unfortunately due to social distancing we were unable to celebrate all together; but on the Friday we all raised a glass together in spirit to toast each other.”

Looking towards the future, Leap29 are setting up a new share scheme in August 2020 for all current employees, including any employees that started after the initial share issue back in 2018. The new scheme will be an ongoing program for all current and new employees and is scheduled to be paid out every two years, with the first pay out scheduled for March 2022.

“By continuing the share scheme, it helps make our team more entrepreneurial and committed to the company and its success. At Leap29 we feel there is no better way to unify our team and recognise our employees for our achievements.” Nathan Ward, Managing Director at Leap29.



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