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How ‘ghosting’ in the hiring process harms a company’s brand

With so many applicants to pick from in the previous decade, few businesses recognised the need to effectively manage their rejection process, simply leaving job-seekers in the dark about their applications or why they did not receive the job.

Cost-of-living support for Kingsbridge Insurance Employees

Paul Havenhand, CEO at Kingsbridge said, “We take the welfare of our employees very seriously, and staff morale is important to us.

Access Screening’s ‘5 Steps to Digitising your Candidate Compliance…

Digitalisation has been a key theme in 2022 so far & will remain crucial in onboarding candidates into 2023 and for the foreseeable future.

How Professional Passport is protecting contractors from the skims and the scams

Media reports around skimming and holiday pay as well as other unsavoury practices have hit the umbrella sector hard lately and even so-called compliant well-known brands are facing allegations that they have been duping contractors out of money that is due to them.

Workwell™ Appoints New Chief Sales & Revenue Officer

Greetje will join the business on 17th November 2022 and will take a place on the main board. The role itself is a new one, encompassing group-wide responsibility for all sales channels and revenue lines across our various divisions and particularly for driving our market-leading proposition across the breadth of our group capabilities.

IR35 U-Turn

Just a few short weeks ago, Kwazi Kwarteng declared that the IR35 off-payroll reform would be repealed, giving the contracting community a glimmer of hope that this would bring more opportunities to the market, and allow contractors to once again decide their own IR35 status. However, after much speculation following various U-turns, newly appointed…

Listen to Dave Chaplin – “Mr IR35” speaking to Julia Kermode from iWork

Dave Chaplin – “Mr IR35” recently spoke to Julia Kermode from iWork about the governments shock announcement to repeal the off-payroll working legislation

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9 personal branding tips for recruiters

Personal branding is something that recruiters are often asked about, but many don't know what it is or how to get started.

Why you can’t afford to cut recruitment marketing in a recession

Marketing is an investment in your company's future. Without the right marketing strategy, the results from other investments such as an ATS, LinkedIn, or sales training may not occur. What you need to do is measure the results of your efforts, so that you know what works and what doesn't work for your business.

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Microsoft Office 2021 Skills Testing Now Available on ISV.Online

ISV.Online, the leading supplier of skills testing software and training services to recruiters and employers, is pleased to announce the addition of the Microsoft Office 2021 skills tests to its comprehensive list of tests covering everything from literacy, numeracy, accounting, typing, data entry through GDPR, cyber security, health & safety, driving…

Unlock the true potential of your recruiting business with the best recruitment…

Any business owner running a staffing firm knows that the first step to success is to find the right people, and the second is to implement the right recruitment CRM software. Are you ready to launch a recruiting start-up? Do you want your recruitment venture to succeed? If the answer is yes, then read on… Despite all the recent economic challenges, the…

Video chat: Trends in the UK recruitment market (CV-Library and Voyager…

Paul Thompson, Sales & Marketing Director at Ikiru People, supplier of Voyager Infinity Recruitment CRM, and James Boshier, Head of Partner Success at CV-Library, get together in this video chat to discuss current trends in the UK recruitment market, what it means for recruiters and candidates, and how the integration between CV-Library and Voyager…

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