Support for self-employed

Kelly and CoachPro launch online training to support the UK’s self-employed workforce

Recruitment firm, Kelly has teamed up with experts at CoachPro to give freelancers and gig economy workers online training and careers advice.

The new Kelly CoachPro app, developed by Stephen Gribben, is available free of charge for the first three months and provides comprehensive career assessment, identifies areas where training could help and offers ways to achieve greater work fulfilment and reach career goals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how easily the fate of self-employed workers can be overlooked so the launch of this new initiative is timely; employers already recognise the importance of coaching throughout their employees’ working lives and this new service aims to bring the same benefits to the self-employed.

Improvements directly attributed to coaching according to the International Coach Federation include:

Work Performance +70%

Business Management +61%

Time Management +57%

Personal Effectiveness +51%

Self-Confidence +80%

Relationships +73%

Communication +72%

Work / Life Balance +67%

Said Richard Bradley, MD of Kelly: “These are challenging times in which many people face an uncertain future. During this period of increased isolation, with many more people working from home, Kelly CoachPro aims to provide guidance and help people prepare for the challenges ahead.

“All too often, those working in the gig economy, freelancers and contractors, miss out on any personal development programmes. There are 5 million self-employed workers in the UK but they rarely have access to learning and development programmes that others receive as part of their employment packages.”

Added Steven Gribben, director and founder of CoachPro: “I know that Kelly has long-recognised the value of coaching and in these unprecedented times, many people will have to take stock and reflect on what they want from their lives and careers.  Holed up at home is the perfect opportunity to get some coaching so I would urge everyone to find some ‘me time’ at some point during the day and explore the possibilities that will help them with their careers in the future.”

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