Survey finds 28 per cent report working from home negative to mental health.

Loneliness and anxiety in flexibility.

Home workers and those in flexible roles have been found to suffer from issues relating to social exclusion and lack of routine according to a survey from The company says one in six people are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression at any time. Those with flexible job roles, such as home workers seem to suffer more than the average with nearly a third reporting stress from working from home.

According to the survey of 2,400 home workers, half reported missing a routine. “We all think we want flexible working, but what if it’s actually routine that’s good for us as human beings,” said Jonathan Ratcliffe of “Personally, I need routine, it’s the keystone to my positive mental health.”

Mental Health issues of those working from home:


28 per cent – suffered from loneliness and anxiety causes by separation from colleagues 

69 per cent – felt they missed out on opportunities when working from home 

54 per cent – missed routine 

83 per cent – get stressed trying to cope with juggling home and work life 

73 per cent – wanted a mix of routine with home working


The survey also revealed that 83 per cent felt obliged to carry out house chores and that often get given jobs to do while “working from home”. Offices maintain a shared workplace is a social hub and people are social beings. Being part of a team, interacting throughout the day helps relationships flourish and provides networking opportunities. It gives employees comfort. Employees can bounce ideas around and ask for opinions. There are social opportunities: lunches, office events, after work drinks, in-office jokes, Friday donuts – even bring your dog to work day – all making for a great working culture, wellbeing improvements and a sense of belonging. 

Jonathan Ratcliffe from says: “Speaking from experience of working from home and having no routine, it’s tough. Social interaction helps fight the feeling of loneliness and anxiety. At the end of the day you must work out what’s right for you, and make it happen.”

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