Taking a fresh approach to compliance.

Reflections on my first three months at Umbrella Check

Working in the Umbrella industry for over 10 years, I have witnessed the changing landscape of compliance and regulation and have learnt that compliance is not just a necessity but a dynamic journey. My first three months as the leader of Umbrella Check have been a testament to this belief. We’ve embarked on a mission to revolutionise compliance, making it more agile, accessible, and aligned with the modern needs of the industry.

Aligning with HMRC’s Guidelines

Our approach at Umbrella Check is firmly rooted in adherence to HMRC’s guidelines. However, we go beyond mere compliance. We view these guidelines as a foundation for developing our innovative solutions.  Our services, including on-demand and quarterly checks, are designed to ensure that compliance is a continuous process, adapting to the changes in the legal and financial landscapes. This approach represents a significant shift from traditional, static compliance practices, moving towards a more dynamic, proactive model.

Getting Personal

Understanding our audience is key to our strategy. We’ve developed a content approach that speaks directly to the pain points of our audience – payroll and compliance managers, recruiters, and umbrella company owners/directors. For each group, we tailor our content to not only inform but also to provide practical solutions that make their compliance journey smoother. Whether it’s through insightful articles, practical guides, or timely updates, we ensure that our content is relevant, engaging, and, most importantly, useful.

Innovative Service Approach

Our on-demand and quarterly checks are game-changers in the industry. They illustrate our belief that compliance should be an ongoing journey rather than a one-off task. This approach allows for constant vigilance and adaptation, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve. It’s not just about meeting standards; it’s about setting them.

Reflecting on Simplifying Compliance

The past three months have been a period of reflection and action. We’ve seen firsthand how daunting compliance can seem and have taken strides to simplify it. Our goal is to remove the burden of compliance, transforming it from a cumbersome obligation into a manageable, integrated part of business operations. Our adaptable operating model is at the heart of this transformation, allowing us to respond swiftly and effectively to new challenges and changes in the industry.

Industry Recognition

Not only are we forging relationships within Recruitment Agencies and Umbrella Companies, a recent highlight in our journey has been our acceptance as a partner of APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies). This partnership is not just an accolade, it’s a testament to our commitment and credibility in the industry. It opens doors to new opportunities, such as hosting collaborative events with recruitment leaders and engaging in meaningful dialogues that shape the future of compliance in recruitment.

Through this partnership, we’re also able to amplify our efforts in conducting industry-relevant research. This research is crucial in providing insights that drive our content creation process. We’re dedicated to producing bite-sized, easily digestible content that demystifies compliance, making it more approachable and understandable for everyone involved. This aligns perfectly with APSCo’s ethos of promoting excellence within the professional recruitment industry.

Our association with APSCo reinforces our mission to raise awareness about the importance of continuous compliance and positions us as a thought leader in the field.

Looking Forward with APSCo and Beyond

Our partnership with APSCo marks just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. We are thrilled to see our profile in the industry rising, gaining recognition for our innovative approach to compliance. This recognition is not just about our current achievements, it’s guiding us towards a future filled with potential and promise.

As we continue to attend and host events in collaboration with industry leaders, we’re not just sharing our knowledge but also learning and evolving. These interactions provide invaluable insights that fuel our growth and enhance our services. We are eagerly looking forward to what the future holds, anticipating new challenges and opportunities with optimism and a commitment to excellence.

We see our relationship with the recruitment community as a collaborative effort towards shaping a more compliant, efficient, and transparent industry. It’s a significant step in our ongoing effort to simplify compliance and make it an integral, yet seamless, part of the recruitment process.

My final thoughts

As I look back on these first three months, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. At Umbrella Check, we are not just adapting to change; we are driving it. Our journey has just begun, and the road ahead is full of possibilities. We are committed to making compliance less of a burden and more of a seamless part of the business process, ensuring that our clients are always compliant, confident, and ahead of the curve.


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