Taking the grunt out of graduate search.

Company reports positive take-up of solution.

GradSift™ has reported a strong uptake by graduate employers who are keen to replace manual application screening and culling tests with GradSift™. GradSift™ AI evaluates graduates across academics, work experience and achievements while assessing for initiative and interpersonal skills. The company describe it as positive selection, rather than rejection. A set of easy-to-use analytics extracts “offer candidate” profiles and puts data power into the hands of graduate recruiters. The company says graduate recruiters can do away with spending weeks manually reviewing hundreds or thousands of applications. Or bluntly culling applications using single measure psychometric tests.   

GradSift™ allows employers to screen, rank and shortlist high volume applications in minutes. And its analytics platform finally gives employers deep data to optimise marketing spend, university promotional activities and to evaluate assessment effectiveness. 

“For too long the graduate recruitment process been characterised by shotgun marketing, blunt culling tools and inefficiencies for employers and students,” says Peter Pychtin, founder of GradSift™. “GradSift™ enables employers to assess graduates efficiently, effectively and fairly. And it takes students less than 10 minutes to create a profile without any resume upload. With GradSift™’ analytics employers can now streamline their marketing and assessment process reducing costs, improving hiring outcomes and giving back time to hiring managers and their recruiters.”

For the recruiter GradSift™ is easy-to-use and provides a fast and balanced assessment of students. It’s superior to psychometric testing for initial screening. Recruiters no longer cull highly sought after candidates with strong interpersonal skills and leadership. 

Employers love that it helps in recruitment for diversity and with the analytics, all the insights are there. They don’t need to know anything about it. When they realise they can compare the quality of candidates from different marketing sources, they just break out into a big smile. That’s power to the customer.

GradSift is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

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