Talent require for country as investments come across sectors.

India’s hiring surge.

A report from HireRight’s says majority, 84 per cent, of Indian organisations are expecting a hiring surge in the coming 12 months. HireRight’s ‘2019 India Employment Screening Benchmark Report’, found that fewer companies in India anticipate any form of decline in their workforce this year compared to the last report (11 per cent in 2019 versus 13 per cent in 2018).

That said, the report found 33 per cent of respondents cite finding, developing and retaining talent as one of their top three business challenges of 2019 demonstrating how this area is still problematic for businesses..

“With India aspiring to become a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025, we can expect heavy investments in infrastructure, digitalisation and entrepreneurship,” said Marcellus Solomon, general manager, India at HireRight, “but to power these ambitions, India needs good talent. We need to ensure India is able to attract, retain and nurture the best talent; all while standing on the global stage.”

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