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The Contract Recruiter

Announcing a New Podcast for Contract Recruitment

We’re excited to announce the launch of ‘The Contract Recruiter Podcast’, an interview podcast series hosted by our very own Director of Growth, Eloise Sutton-Kirkby. The Contract Recruiter podcast takes recruiters on a global tour to get expert advice on how to start and scale a successful contract business, country by country.

This podcast is ideal for:

– Recruitment business owners looking to expand into international markets
– Perm/Search firms keen to build out a contract division
– Recruiters interested in how contract recruitment works in other countries

The first-stop (Season 1) takes us to the land of rising sun: Japan.

Eloise visits Japan and is joined by two true experts in the field, Jason De Luca & Bernie Schiemer as she gets the lowdown of all you need to know about starting a contract business in Japan.

What you can expect

Episode 1: The Why

The first episode zeros in on the vast opportunity of the Contract market in Japan:

● Japan’s recruitment market is the 2nd largest in the world.
● 17% of the entire contract recruitment market, 35% bigger than the UK market.
● 40% margins: $1,5k to $5K profit margins per month
● Difference between “Hakken” and Temp / Contract

Episode 2: The How

This episode discusses ‘the how’ – what’s required logistically, legally, and financially to set up and scale a contract recruitment business in Japan:

● Get the 7 key steps to successfully launching a Japan contract business
● Costs: understand what this will cost you…rent, licences, people
● Time: ‘how long till we’re making money?’

Episode 3: The Risks

Episode 3 digs into the gotchas to watch out for when it comes to:

● Setting up the right processes
● Hiring the right people
● Getting the right tech in place

Episode 1 is live! Listen now.

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