The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit set to power recruitment forward.

Come to Recruitment 4.0.

This Wednesday, 4th March, at etc. venues in Fenchurch Place, Fenchurch Street, London, senior leaders and decision makers from the recruitment industry will be attending The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit to find out how they can make their businesses ready for Recruitment 4.0 – taking the industry a step further to address the emerging needs of the industries they address. There are limited free tickets available for the event here:

As technology changes how businesses work and how employees deliver the skills and services their employers require, the recruitment industry also needs to adapt so it can still find the talent these businesses need and ensure they leverage that value in the best way. This can mean more than just getting the technology right, but also understanding how talent can work for businesses in the new world of work.

Headline speakers, new research and interactive panel discussions throughout the day will give recruiters a complete picture of the world of work that is emerging and how they can best serve it. With input from technology leaders, agency directors and HR end users, The Global Recruiter’s UK Summit is set to give you the ideas and initiatives you need to drive your business forward in the future.

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