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The Remote Way of the Recruiter

Recruiters have always trodden a lonely path.

More often than not, they work independently. When that vacancy falls, it’s sink or swim time as they dive into the candidate pool, usually along with a bunch of competitors, hoping to be the first to land the best candidates.

No pressure. And that’s before we even mention targets.

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Working with a team, big or small, can help to alleviate some of that pressure. Sharing a laugh or a joke with a colleague or taking five minutes to grab a coffee and chat in the kitchen is a surefire way of taking some of the intensity out of the recruiter’s day.

More recently, however, the rise of remote work has meant that many more recruiters work from home, bringing to light a unique set of mental health challenges.

According to Tracey Williams, Managing Director of TJW Contract Solutions, a leading payroll services provider to the temporary labour sector, the transition to remote work is impacting the mental health and well-being of many recruiters across the UK. Tracey stated, “At TJW, we speak with recruiters every day, many of whom have transitioned to remote working, and we hear a recurring theme of recruiters expressing how isolating working from home as a recruiter can be.”

Isolation and a lack of social interaction can lead to feelings of disconnection for some. Add to this the industry’s highly competitive nature, the constant demand to meet targets and achieve results, and the blurred boundaries between work and personal life, and you have a perfect recipe for high stress levels, leading to burnout and anxiety.

Tracey added, “I sympathise with the feelings of recruiters. I’m a big advocate for mental health awareness and always stress the importance of self-care to my team.

My advice to recruiters is always to take regular breaks, get regular social interaction, and set clear work boundaries to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

I walk regularly and attend a community choir where I can chat (and sing). Both help me switch off from work pressures and preserve my mental health.”

So, while remote work offers flexibility and convenience, it also brings mental health challenges for recruiters. Recognising and addressing these issues is essential to ensure the well-being of recruitment professionals as they continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the job market.


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